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Reviews and Comments

"There are no words to describe my gratitude for you taking such wonderful, beautiful and artistic photos. You have captured so many precious moments of my little guys life. I am blessed to have these memories caught on film by a truly talented artist!!"
Nikki Hendershot 
I think people like your photo of me. And how many shots did you take to get the one that nailed it? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? Nope, one. That's sayin' something. You now hold the distinct accomplishment of taking the least shit picture of me in the last 20 years!! That's saying a lot, my man!! Well done!
Tony Hicks



"OMG. These pics are so great! I knew they'd be awesome but they are better than awesome"

Karen Joudrey-MacCulloch
"AH-MAZ-ING. i'm speechless. I need to book you!"
Jennifer Pratt Visser 

"Perfection! I know who I want for my photos!!!!"
Helen Morlock 

"If I ever wanted to feel beautiful, i would ask for you to photograph me... altho your subjects have always had a natural beauty... you seem to make everything, even a rainstorm, stunning.."
Ellen Wilson
"Love all of them!!!!"
Jose A Ruiz Marquez
"Gorgeous...I'd like a high resolution digital copy please."
Dyveke McCubbin
"LOVE this one!! I'd put that on my wall!
Mary Newland 
Toni Wallachy 
"Koko your photo work is amazing dude."
Itumeleng Ox Gaborone 
Elizabeth Pottier 
"This is amazing. It also reminds me of those 3D sidewalk drawings."
Heather Martin 
"you so caught this kid's spirit"
Sam Galloway
"When is your show? Seriously. Incredible work"
Ruth Ashton 
"These shots are just about as cool as shit."
Rob Koci 
"It's a lovely "ordinary moment" that wouldn't necessarily be cause for a photo to an undiscerning eye. You have a knack for capturing that essence, and it's wonderful."
Tracy Joy 
"Beautiful photos, KO KO. Just stunning."
Sarah Greenspan Glidewell
"Beautiful. The colour is breathtaking!"
Lesley Sharp Sheppard 

"As always...awesome!"
Linda Sicoli 
"nice. verrrry nice...WORK! *ahem, gulp* Nice work!"
Nina Zamudio
"This is so delightful!!!"
Andrea O'Brien
"This is amazing!!!! i LOVE it!!!"
Samantha Renda
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