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I love what I do, and I'm good with a camera, but not so great with words. I take all kinds of pictures, but I think my strength is with people shots, faces, emotion and personality. I find people fascinating.

From objects, to people, to places, I'm there. Just really can't do weddings, they frighten me a bit, but maybe one day.

Click on the next tab "WORDS" to see what people have said about the work and about working with me. Probably better than me sitting here writing in the third person, pretending to be somebody else writing about myself right?

"he moved to Toronto when he was 18 and began a career in the arts as a...." BAH!
And hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe...647 686 5656

Thanks for visiting. 
647 686 56567 | tel
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